Christ Saw You from the Cross

Sep 2, 2020 | Blog

While in a time of fasting and prayer some years ago, the Lord made real to me that as Christ went through the suffering of the cross, He saw the face of every human being who had ever been on the earth. He saw the face of every human being who was on the earth at that time. He saw the face of every human being who would ever be on the earth.


Yeshua (Jesus) did not die generically. He died for you, seeing your face and knowing your spirit.


He made a personal sacrifice for each one of us. That was Christ’s experience in His suffering. He died specifically for you and for every other person who has been or will be. It is so important that we each know how personal Christ’s sacrifice was for us. There is no limit to the sacrifice of Christ for every person. He was a perfect lamb for mankind.


The Lord also made real to me how every face we see on the street is a face the Lord saw when He made his sacrifice on the cross. There will never be a face you come across who was not real and dear to Christ in the moments of His sacrifice.


So this revelation also relates to evangelism. He did not die for believers only. He was the Lamb slain for all mankind. It does not matter if someone does not believe in Christ; their unbelief does not diminish the reality that He saw their face and died for them. He died for everyone. When we talk to our children, our family and our friends, we can tell them that Yeshua suffered and died for each one of them.


I wanted to share this with you today because I believe this revelation will make your salvation a deeper and more personal experience. Just imagine Yeshua thinking about you while He was on the cross. He saw your face and made His sacrifice for you. He suffered for you. He bled for you. He experienced a separation from the one thing that He loved, His Father (Matthew 27:46; Mark 15:34), and He chose to do that for one reason only: You.

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