Our Roots

Romans 11 tells us that Gentile Christians are like a wild olive branch which has been grafted into the tree of God. This is a marvelous thing.

The roots of this tree can be traced in the Scriptures through the Old Testament covenants all the way back to Abraham. We often call them Jewish roots because they are revealed through the faith and promises made to the Hebrew people.

Yeshua (Jesus) did not come to cut that tree down. Quite to the contrary, He came to make a way for us to become a part of it. Our faith is compared to Abraham’s faith; our promises are the same promises made to Moses; our hope is the same hope that Daniel had. Through Yeshua we are grafted into something greater than ourselves, something that was already alive and growing.

In order to fully understand our Christian faith, promises, and hope, we need to understand the roots of the tree we have been grafted into. They are now our roots also. And there is a richness, a depth, and a beauty available to us that God intended for us to share in.

Every word of Yeshua, every chapter of the New Testament, means more when we read them in the context of the covenants and culture of the Jewish people of those early days. When we do this, we unlock truths and understanding that bring the Scriptures to life.

Studying the Jewish roots of our faith helps us to cultivate spiritual maturity and unity within the Body of Christ. It also empowers us to rise up and walk in the fullness of our calling and destiny.

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