About Gary Hargrave

Throughout decades of ministry, Gary Hargrave, D. Litt., has authored several books; pastored a network of churches; and founded and served as the chancellor of Shiloh University, a fully accredited online Bible college and seminary. He is currently writing books, blogs, and Bible study materials, and is host of Growing In God, a popular weekly podcast program.

Gary has ministered extensively throughout the United States and internationally; known for his message of unity through spiritual maturity, Gary has worked closely with leaders in the Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant communities to inspire unity and build relationships based on commonality and understanding.

Gary’s teaching ministry embraces revelation of the Hebrew Scriptures as the roots of our Christian faith and an essential foundation of God’s Kingdom. He leads and coordinates study tours to Israel promoting Jewish-Christian relations and developing spiritual maturity in Christians.

Gary and his family reside in Hawaii.

Gary’s vision is to see God’s children become a great and mighty people as they seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness.

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