Growing In God is a podcast dedicated to helping people understand God’s great love, develop spiritual maturity, and experience life as fully devoted followers of Yeshua (Jesus).

The podcast provides insights and biblical studies that reflect the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith, as well as topics like sonship, discipleship, prophecy, prayer and intercession. It also tackles issues like anti-Semitism, lordship, and replacement theology from a biblical perspective.

Hosted by author, pastor, and Christian leader Gary Hargrave, D.Litt., Growing In God presents the Holy Scriptures as the guidebook to experience a daily dynamic life of faith that leads to spiritual maturity—a process that requires time, focus, and commitment.

This podcast addresses Five Key Revelations that are important for every believer:

The Revelation of the Word of God (and its Hebraic roots)

The Revelation of the Kingdom of God

The Revelation of Messiah the King

The Revelation of God’s chosen people by covenant and our grafting into that covenant

The Revelation of Spiritual Maturity

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