Biblical Truth
“The Bible is not some ancient book with ancient stories ...
it is the living Word of God, and it is speaking to our generation.”
Gary Hargrave

One of the leading prophetic voices to our generation, Gary Hargrave ministers the life-changing truth of God’s Word through prophetic revelation and powerful Bible teaching drawing from our Jewish roots. He emphasizes the Lordship of Christ and inspires unity among believers.

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Expect a Great Outpouring

God has spoken many promises for this generation and we want to see them fulfilled here on earth. The Body of Christ today is a generation of destiny. It is time for us to rise up, step into our destiny, and become what the Lord needs in the earth today.   The time between Passover…


Prepared and Driven for God’s Will

During the fifty days between Passover and Pentecost, God was at work in the hearts and minds of the disciples. The Father was bringing them out of their confusion and misperceptions to prepare them to move under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Each one came to the end of himself to be completely surrendered…


Stand in Your Place

Following the resurrection of Christ Jesus our Lord, the disciples were given no specific guidelines about how to set up a church. All they had was a relationship with Him. They had to reach in daily to hear His voice, so that Yeshua (Jesus) could come forth within a body of people by the Holy…