Biblical Truth
“The Bible is not some ancient book with ancient stories ...
it is the living Word of God, and it is speaking to our generation.”
Gary Hargrave

One of the leading prophetic voices to our generation, Gary Hargrave ministers the life-changing truth of God’s Word through prophetic revelation and powerful Bible teaching drawing from our Jewish roots. He emphasizes the Lordship of Christ and inspires unity among believers.

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Draw Me Into Your Arms

I have a deep cry in my heart that yearns to see a transformation and removal of my adamic nature. I know the ability to change only comes from God through His grace, but there needs to be a human hunger and pursuit of it as well. In reading the Beatitudes, one verse struck me…


What Will You Choose?

It is true that at some point you will either experience life after death in the presence of the Father, or you will face eternal death away from His presence. So the question is, “Are you prepared?” What have you chosen as your eternal life experience? I know the focus of this ministry is to…


God Gave You the Gift of a Free Will

When God created man in His own image, He created a will. Your will, essentially, is you. You were born into this earth as a free will and that is what you have control over. Yeshua (Jesus) came and willed to do the will of the Father. He said, “I do not seek My own…