Obtain the Promises
Every provision in God’s Word was provided by Christ’s victory on the cross.

But somehow, somewhere, someone has to literally appropriate that provision and bring it into reality on the earth today. This is the revelation that I hope to impart to you as you read the chapters in Obtain the Promises.

Our passion is to see the Kingdom of God manifest on earth as the Body of Christ grows in unity, power, and love.

Let’s learn more about the book and why it’s so important, especially now.

Obtain The Promises Testimonial


“Primarily, this is written for God’s people who desire to mature in their faith; it is for all those who are pressing in to fulfill the Word regarding the sons of God coming forth (Romans 8:19). Through this book, I want to be able to show people what is necessary to obtain the scriptural promises and manifest God’s Kingdom on the earth. Everything else grows out of that root. This is the spiritual DNA that was imparted to me early in my journey of faith that remains a living, abiding Word of God in my heart today (1 Peter 1:23).”

Gary Hargrave
Gary Hargrave

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When you stand with Hargrave Ministries you are helping to bring the manifestation of God’s Kingdom on the earth. You are helping us to lead people into maturity and unity in Christ—and through hands-on ministry to bless the land of Israel, the Jewish people, and the world.

You are enabling us to reach individuals for Christ and empower believers to find and walk in the fullness of God’s plan and calling for their lives. You are making an eternal difference.

Now more than ever, the world needs your support. God is doing something in us and through us that will affect the entire world until a completely new day has fully come. In this new day, we will see the fullness of the Kingdom of God.

The calling of the Lord upon this ministry is to lead people into spiritual maturity by revealing biblical truth. Our passion is to see the Kingdom of God manifest on earth as the Body of Christ grows in unity, power, and love.

Testimonial Obtain The Promises by Karen Palmquist
Obtain the Promises

You Can Obtain The Promises

Everything that we do flows from the revelation of the Jewish foundation of our Christian faith.

And it is our desire and privilege to bless the land and people of Israel by:


  • Feeding the poor and breaking the cycle of poverty in Israel
  • Supporting the orphans and widows of fallen Israeli soldiers
  • Providing physical and emotional care to child victims of terrorism
  • Building bridges between Christians and Jews with biblical study and research
  • Supporting archaeology and preservation of the biblical City of David
  • Providing 24/7 care for Holocaust survivors
  • Helping persecuted Jews around the world return to Israel and start new lives
  • Planting trees to reforest Israel and helping create “The Gospel Trail” between Nazareth and Capernaum

 Thank you and God bless.

Gary Hargrave

Gary Hargrave

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