Jewish National Fund – Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael

The Jewish National Fund has planted over 240 million trees to help transform a desolate land with barren, rocky hills into a marvelous green country of forests and open spaces. We have requested that donations from Hargrave Ministries go specifically for “The Gospel Trail” in the Lavi Forest in Galilee.

These forests strengthen the bond between the Jewish people and their homeland and serve as the country’s green lungs, preventing global warming and providing parks and recreation areas for residents and visitors, including access for the physically challenged, that are open 24/7 and free of charge. KKL-JNF has also helped build 230 reservoirs and dams, providing two-thirds of the water for Israel’s agriculture.

When you support Hargrave Ministries, you are helping to plant trees in Israel to reforest and refresh and beautify the land of the Bible.

JNF Certificate 2023-09


JNF Certificate 2023-05


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