Annihilation -Episode 174

Dec 11, 2023

When it comes to anti-Semitism, the global community must come together and realize what it is they are allowing and promoting. When people protesting in the name of Palestine declare, “From the river to the sea,” they are declaring the destruction of the Jewish state and the Jewish people. That is the real issue. And my prayer for the nations is that they finally have the determination, once and for all, to do away with this evil demonic intent for the annihilation of the Jews.

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Show Notes:

After the horrific terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7, 2023, the world has witnessed a shocking increase in anti-Semitism. It is a serious problem that many nations have been struggling to deal with. But if you want to solve a problem, you first have to define the problem. The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), for one, has adopted a definition of anti-Semitism to help countries solve this global issue. However, when you look at the horrors committed by Hamas against innocent Israeli citizens on October 7, you have to realize that we are dealing with acts that go way beyond anti-Semitism.

What is really happening needs to be defined for what it is. It is the determination for annihilation. What we are really dealing with is a longstanding determination and dedication to destroy the State of Israel and to annihilate all Jews, wherever they reside. This determination is manifesting now through Hamas. But it has manifested in many different forms throughout history, from Haman’s decree to annihilate all Jews in the Persian Empire in 474 BCE to the Holocaust in the 1930s and ‘40s.

“Never again!” expresses the determination never to repeat the Holocaust, which many nations have supposedly subscribed to. Yet when Israel begins to defend itself against the spirit of annihilation, suddenly the cries of “never again” seem to get drowned out by the noise of the cries against Israel. If the international community or the UN or the Arab nations are serious about ending this conflict, then they need to rally around this point: this philosophy of annihilation is a lie out of the pit of hell, and there must be an absolute stopping and disallowance of it in all of its aspects.

Key Verses:

  • Esther 3:13–15. “Letters were sent … to kill and to annihilate all the Jews.”


  • “No matter what’s going on with Israel, the world and the nations of the world feel like they have to be involved, and they have to be demanding what transpires and what the outcomes are and what things are to be done.”
  • “If you won’t honestly define the problem, you’re never going to come to a solution.”
  • “I guarantee you that a two-state solution is never going to work as long as the true underlying issue is the annihilation of the Jewish people.”


    1. We cannot just try to solve the issues of anti-Semitism. We need to address the systems of belief that all Jews must be annihilated. That is the actual spirit behind the current situation with Hamas and Gaza. Something has to take the nations to task on this issue: it is absolutely unacceptable to have a belief system that the Jews are a global problem that can only be solved by their annihilation.
    2. Any lie will do and any excuse will do when it comes to this drive for the annihilation of the Jewish people. Those who are dedicated to that annihilation will come up with any story and any lie that gets traction and can be used to excuse what they are doing to destroy Israel and destroy the Jewish people.
    3. All the nations right now are clamoring for a ceasefire in Gaza and are telling Israel what needs to be done. They are convinced that all their input must be observed by Israel. This includes the United States, which pressures Israel for different aspects of the situation to be handled in the way the US government sees fit. But the problem remains that if you refuse to recognize this conflict as an issue of annihilation, you will not be able to find honest solutions for it.
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