Discovering Our Kingdom Destiny – Episode 20

Dec 30, 2020

God gave each of us a destiny in this time in history. Gary Hargrave explores how discovering our destiny and maturing in Christ impacts end-time events.

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Show Notes:

We live in a unique time in history. Gary explains that God is preparing His people and the world for the unfolding of end-time events. The sequence of the end-time harvest is triggered by believers maturing and becoming all God created them to be.


“What greater purpose could we have

than to be those that trigger the harvest that God has planned in the end-time?”


Gary walks through Matthew 13:24-30 and describes the harvest to come at the end of the age. The weeds—people planted by Satan that grow up with believers—will be shown for their true nature, gathered up, and prepared for the fire.


God takes out everything Satan has tried to usurp or plant.

God sees that it is gathered up and bundled so that it will be burned.”


He encourages listeners to remain steadfast in the difficulties and tribulations in life as the world continues to press against those who follow Christ. The more mature believers become, the closer we come to triggering the final harvest.


You are not here by mistake.

You are a chosen, planted seed by the Son of Man in a great time of destiny—

that is going to see the great harvest and wrapping up

of all God has been waiting for through the ages.”


Key Verses:

  • Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43
    • V38 – The field is God’s world and the good seed are the people of the Kingdom.
    • V38­–39 ­– The tares (weeds) are the sons of the Evil One planted by the Devil.
    • V30 – Both seeds (people of the Kingdom and people of the Evil One) mature together until the harvest.
    • The more we grow up into maturity, the quicker we trigger the end-time events.


  • Esther 4:14
    • Esther’s uncle, Mordecai declared, “And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”
    • Just like Esther, we have come to this place in history for “such a time as this.”
    • We are to mature and become all God created us to be in order to trigger the end-time harvest.



  • “God has given us a destiny in this time and we must, with all of our hearts, press in to grow in Him, to grow in our relationship with Him, to grow up in all things in Christ and mature to the place that He needs us to be in as His sons, so that the harvest itself can be triggered.”
  • “Do not forget the one who planted you here in this day, in this time, was the Son of Man, was Christ himself; the Father, the Creator, placed us in this field.”
  • “If we press in and ask the Lord to work with us, mature us, create us, discipline us…that very maturity can bring us to the place where God says, ‘Now is the time.’”




  • God has planted you in this world (His field)
  • You were sown to grow and mature
  • Our maturity triggers God’s timing
  • God will help you become all that he desires you to be

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