Fact-Check Your Faith – Episode 23

Jan 18, 2021

We are conditioned with certain beliefs and practices about what is true as a child, but sometimes those beliefs are traditions of men rather than the commandments of God. As maturing believers, we have the privilege and responsibility to fact-check our faith so that we can grow closer to God.

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Show Notes:

As a young child, adults fed us food that created a flavor and texture palate of what we think food should taste like. In a similar way, we received teachings and beliefs (doctrine) as a spiritual child that inform what we think is true today. As believers in the Messiah, we need to take the teachings that we have believed and fact-check them with the truth of Scripture. This will help us discern if what we believe is a tradition of men or commandment of God.


The process of maturing is becoming personally responsible

for every area of our lives. All that we think, all that we say, all that we do.”


Yeshua (Jesus) admonished the Pharisees for not fact-checking their traditions with the commandments of God. His anger with them serves as a warning for us to carefully examine our beliefs and mindset, so that we do not simply continue in understanding and practices that may not be biblical.


“We should take those things we hear and sit down with our Bible to learn, study, and ask questions.”


Studying the Bible sometimes feels intimidating, but you are able to discern the truth and wisdom of God from the Word.


“You are capable of understanding the Scriptures.”


Key Verses:

  • Mark 7:1-23
    • Verse 9
      • Teachers of the Law set aside the commands of God in order to observe their own traditions
      • They nullified (made void) the commands of God for the sake of following their own set of rules (traditions)


  • Jeremiah 31:31
    • When the new covenant is established with Israel, everyone will know God and know God’s Word


  • Isaiah 44:18
    • They did not have eyes to see or ears to hear the truth of God


  • Acts 17:11
    • Bereans fact-checked the Word they heard
    • They listened to teachers of the gospel with eagerness
    • They studied the Scriptures to determine the truth


  • John 14:15
    • If you love God, you will keep His commandments (His Word)


  • John 7:16
    • Yeshua (Jesus) taught the Father’s teaching, not His own



  • “You are what you believe. Your mindsets control what you think, what you say, what you do.”
  • Take responsibility. Study the Scriptures. Seek. Find out if these things are true.”
  • “You need to be able to understand the commandments of God versus the traditions of man. Adjust your beliefs and mindsets to throw off conditionings and paradigms that are not the truth.”



  • We are taught basic beliefs as a child
  • Our belief systems may include traditions of men rather than commandments of God
  • We need to fact-check our beliefs with the truths of God’s Word
  • We show our love for the Lord by living His commands
  • We are to study the Word to understand God’s commands

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