Highlights from Our Trip to Israel – Episode 152

Jul 10, 2023

In our focus to bless Israel, we are supporting several organizations that are being a tremendous blessing to that country. We could not do that without your generous contributions, and we felt it would be good to give everyone a report on what we are doing. That is why we are doing this podcast. We want you to be informed about and feel included with these projects that Hargrave Ministries supports on a monthly basis.

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Show Notes:

This podcast is a way to give our listeners an informative look into the organizations that their donations support through Hargrave Ministries. On our recent trip to Israel, we visited these organizations, starting with the AMI-Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies and Research. The people there are like family to us and we stayed with them during this trip. They are pioneers in Jewish-Christian relations and they continue to bring people together.

Another organization we visited is Yad Eliezer, which meets a very great need by helping the multitudes of people who come into Israel from all over the world. Many of these have been forced out of their countries and have to start new lives from scratch. Yad Eliezer works to bring them out of an impoverished state and into a place where they can support and take care of themselves.

We also visited two facilities of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ). The Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors takes care of Holocaust survivors who are unable to care for themselves. ICEJ provides for the health, financial, and social needs of these elderly survivors. Next, the Aliyah Programs project puts arms and legs on the scriptural directive that we are to participate in the return of God’s people to Israel. This project has had amazing success helping people through the immigration process.

Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund is another organization we visited. Terrorism is a reality in Israel and this fund provides therapies and assistance for children who have been traumatized by terror attacks. Another reality is that almost every family in Israel has lost someone in the defense of their country. That is why we give to the IDF Widows and Orphans Organization, whom we also met with on this trip. This group becomes involved in the lives of those who have lost husbands, wives, sons, and daughters to war and terrorism, so that they can have the eternal understanding that the nation is not walking away from them, and they are going to be helped.

The last two organizations we visited are the Jewish National Fund and the City of David Foundation. Through your donations, the Jewish National Fund has helped plant millions of trees in the country of Israel, and the City of David Foundation is unearthing amazing discoveries that are constantly confirming the validity and truth of the Scriptures.

Key Verses:

  • Isaiah 40:1–5. “Make smooth in the desert a highway for our God.”
  • Deuteronomy 15:11. “You shall freely open your hand to your brother, to your needy and poor.”
  • Zechariah 8:7–8. “I will bring them back and they will live in the midst of Jerusalem.”
  • Genesis 12:1–3. “And I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse.”


  • “We actually traveled during this season because of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast that was scheduled at the first of June. And we wanted to add to that time, so we stayed about three more weeks to visit each of these organizations.”
  • “You realize that those miracles were done not just by God, but by those who were His arms, His legs, the expression, the heart of what He was doing in bringing about the existence of the State of Israel and making a homeland for the Jews.”
  • “This country has gone from what Mark Twain described 150 years ago as a bleak wasteland of rocky soil, hardly a tree in the country, to now 240 million trees and the entire country filled with forests and trees and farmland.”


  1. Isaiah 40:1–3 speaks to the Gentile Church at this time, and it gives us guidance on how we are to relate and participate with Israel and the Jewish people. In these end days we are to make a smooth path for the return of Messiah to Israel and Jerusalem, and we are to be a blessing to the Jewish people.
  2. We want to make sure that we are giving to organizations that are worthy of your time and energy and involvement. We looked for organizations that we could meet with, have relationships with, see what they are doing, and make sure that the donations are being effectively used by people who honestly have it in their hearts to serve and love Israel.
  3. As we come to the end-time, we see that God gathers the nations and deals with them. And part of the vision of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast is to go out to the nations and have these prayer breakfasts in the different nations of the world, so that they have the opportunity to make their nations part of blessing Israel—that their nation may be blessed in return.

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