This Passover Changes the World

Apr 11, 2022 | Blog

Passover is the night of God’s miracles. It is the night of His authority. What happens on this night can only happen by the hand of God and by His sovereignty. I want us to feel a oneness with the Jewish people around the world as we enter in with them at this tremendous moment of Passover. We participate in faith, not to usurp the Jewish nation and their celebration, but we know that through Christ we are grafted into all the promises of Abraham (Romans 11:17-18; Galatians 3:29). God wants to include us in something that is global in its scope, so we open our hearts to grasp the vastness of what He is trying to do with His people.


The first Passover changed the balance of power that existed in the entire civilized world. Egypt had been the strongest nation as far as wealth and military might were concerned, but God destroyed it and released Israel, His firstborn son (Exodus 4:22-23).1 As God uses the Jewish people today, it will again have a global impact. He brought them into the land of Israel, which gave them key positioning. The total trade, finances, and all commerce were completely affected. The same is true for us. God is again taking His people to a new place where everything that transpires in the realm of spirit—all spiritual trade, all spiritual commerce, all spiritual wealth, all the spiritual armies—will be blocked without the approval of the sons of God.


As the family of God through Christ, we change the global powers in the realm of spirit. On the night of Passover, God showed Himself alive in an expression of His mighty power to deal with the oppressors of His people. It was not just another night. He was changing the world from their dinner tables. I want you to have that same feeling about this Passover as we eat of the Lamb who was slain and sacrificed for us (John 1:29). Everything that happened for the Israelites on a natural level in Egypt, will happen for us in the realm of spirit. We cover the family of God with His blood so that we have total protection and complete immunity. We eat all of Christ’s provision for us, and we are ready to move.


This Passover we expect something to transpire globally in the release of creation from futility and the release of the sons of God out of their bondage to the Pharaoh of this age. God is taking His people into a new place in the realm of spirit because He has promised us the heavenly Kingdom of Christ. The powerful satanic army that holds all the world under the bondage of futility will be destroyed. As this satanic power is brought down, a new army of God’s people will be in charge. We know satan is defeated; it is already proclaimed in Christ. But there is a moment when it happens, and that execution is tied to Passover.


In the simplicity of our obedience to keep this Passover, we turn loose the moving of God in the whole earth. What you are believing for is not a little thing. We are going to see creation set free from its futility because we are being set free from our futility. God is bringing forth His mature sons and causing His glory to rest on His people (Isaiah 60:1). In the process, He is not just setting us free from our bondage; He is setting creation free from its slavery to corruption (Romans 8:14-21). This Passover changes the world!


1 All Scripture references are from the New American Standard Bible 1995 (NASB1995).

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