The Scriptures become real when the sights and sounds you have only read about become something you touch, taste and encounter. Experiencing the Holy Land for yourself and seeing it in context will bring perspective, understanding and transformation. 

There is something about walking on the ground where Yeshua walked, seeing the Mount of Olives, stepping into the Sea of Galilee, that touches your heart and helps you to grow spiritually. 

For more than three decades, Gary Hargrave has led tours to Israel and the Bible lands, specifically to help people mature in their faith. 

Each of Gary’s tours includes plenty of time for you to explore and enjoy the important biblical sites, and offers many opportunities for in-depth teaching and meaningful worship.


Hargrave Ministries Tour provided an immersive experience…

into the culture, history and heart of Judaism in Israel. Gary’s deep knowledge of Old and New Testament Scripture, as well as his love for the nation of Israel and her people, opened a unique door for me to understand the Jewish roots of my Christian faith. This well-organized tour included scheduled informative lectures, periods for prayer and reflection, and time for independent exploration, particularly in Jerusalem’s Old City. This tour offers to every participant an opportunity to witness God’s Presence manifesting in the entwined paths of Judaism and Christianity.

Studio City, California

I loved my trip to Israel with Hargrave Ministries in 2019!

Travel and preparation was well organized for our international group of 27, and upon arrival in Jerusalem we were immediately immersed in Jewish culture and sites. Our Jewish rabbi tour guide’s insightful commentaries made biblical history come alive as we traveled by bus to a variety of archaeological sites in Israel. Our group was like a large family, eating together, fellowshipping and sharing memorable experiences. Accommodations were outstanding in every way. I am so thankful to all those who organized this trip and helped continuously along the way.

Mission Hills (Los Angeles), California

On the trip, one is gaining a vast amount of valuable knowledge…

and deeper understanding. But above all, the tour creates a love and heart connection with the land and people of Israel.

Munich, Germany

From Dan to Be’er Sheva, I enjoyed our Hargrave Ministries Tour of Israel.

With excellent teaching, sightseeing, lodging, and food, this tour gave me a unique insight into the Israel of today, the Israel of the past, and the Israel Jesus knew in His lifetime. We visited churches, synagogues, archaeology digs, and had teachings from rabbis as well as Christian pastors/scholars. I was deeply, spiritually moved by this trip.

Falun, Sweden

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