Eagerly Await Salvation – Episode 52

Aug 9, 2021

What are you facing in your life? What enemies do you have? Maybe it’s a physical illness that is the enemy against your life right now. Maybe it’s an individual. Maybe it is what’s going on in society that comes against us as the people of God. Whatever your enemies are today, God is here as your salvation. We can get conditioned to think about salvation in terms of the cross of Christ, forgiveness for sin and eternal life. But salvation includes far more and impacts every area of our daily life.


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Show Notes:

Sin was dealt with once for all in the sacrifice that was made by Christ on the cross. The Scriptures tell us that He will appear a second time, but not to deal with sin—although it is with reference to our salvation.


But He is not just returning once again at the end of the age—He is appearing a second time every day. If the Lord met you and came to you in a salvation experience, then you should eagerly await Him coming again into your life and remaining in your life on a daily basis. We should eagerly await His continued coming in our lives.


So, what is keeping you down? Is something bringing depression into your life? It’s heartbreaking to see how many people are locked up in a prison cell of things that are oppressing them and holding them in bondage. That’s why we need a Savior daily. He will take care of all our needs. We are invited to cry out to Yeshua (Jesus) with the earnest expectation that He will move in our lives to bring about the fullness of salvation.


Key Verses:


  • Hebrews 9:28. “So Christ … having been offered once to bear the sins of many, will appear a second time … to those who eagerly await Him.”
  • Isaiah 25:6–9. “Let us rejoice and be glad in His salvation.”
  • Psalm 23:3. “He restores my soul.”
  • Isaiah 33:2. “Our salvation also in the time of distress.”
  • Hebrews 10:12–14. “He … offered one sacrifice for sins for all time.”
  • Psalm 106:7–9. “He saved them for the sake of His name.”
  • Exodus 3:7–8. “I have come down to deliver them.”
  • Exodus 14:13–15. “Stand by and see the salvation of the Lord.”
  • Exodus 14:29–30. “Stand by and see the salvation of the Lord.”
  • Exodus 15:1–4. “And He has become my salvation.”
  • Psalm 35:7–10. “My soul shall rejoice in the Lord; it shall exult in his salvation.”
  • 1 Thessalonians 5:23. “Your whole spirit, soul, and body … will be delivered.”
  • Psalm 51:1–4. “Be gracious to me, O God, according to Your lovingkindness.”
  • Psalm 14:6–7. “When the Lord restores His captive people.”




  • “We must look into the Hebrew Scriptures to really grasp the totality of our salvation.”
  • “The scriptures say that morning by morning our mercy is renewed. The salvation experience that we have in God is something that is to be a daily experience for us.”
  • “We’re living in days of distress. In these difficult times we need a Savior daily.”
  • “Our freedom from the things that are holding us in bondage brings worship to God.”




  1. If you have been saved from sin through faith in Christ, then you should have an earnest expectation for Yeshua (Jesus) to appear a second time in your life.
  2. Recognize that Yeshua’s second appearing in your life is not going to bring eternal life and forgiveness of sin. That is not its purpose. You already have that. Do not just keep going around in a circle and only reach for the Lord when you fall into sin. Instead, invite Him to appear in your life a second time so that you will experience salvation in more areas.
  3. Welcome His salvation in your daily life and expect His deliverance on a daily basis—from physical bondages, addictions, spiritual battles, and any other enemies that are too strong and too overwhelming for you to conquer on your own.

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