Where Is the God of Miracles? – Episode 53

Aug 16, 2021

Sometimes we feel discouraged in times of duress and we feel like we just cannot win. We cannot seem to get over the things that we’re facing. We work so hard to perfect our walk with the Lord, we are seeking Him, and then, just about the time we expect to be fruitful and harvest the blessings in God, something comes and seems to steal it all away. So where is the Lord? Where are the miracles?


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Show Notes:

Gideon was discouraged and disheartened when the Midians swooped in like a hoard of locusts to steal Israel’s crops and the animals. “Oh Lord, if You are with us, then why is all this happening? Where are all the miracles our fathers told us about?”


Since we find ourselves living in these very difficult times, it’s also easy for us to be overwhelmed and discouraged and feel that we have no faith. So, like Gideon, we need to have a meeting with the Lord. We should be pressing in with all our hearts to lay hold of the Lord, to look Him in the eye, and to be strengthened by a true encounter with Him in the Holy Spirit.


We need to seek God. We need to move in repentance. We need to wait on Him. We need to really press in. We need to be in His Word. We need to build ourselves up by prayer in the Holy Spirit. We need to draw upon the power of the commissioning that He has given us, and the reality that we are sent by Him into this generation as His ambassadors.


These days we hear people asking about the miracles that Jesus did. They ask, “What about the miracles we see the apostles do in the book of Acts? Where is the God of miracles in our generation?”


If we can get ourselves to that place where we are meeting with God and we know that we are commissioned by Him, then we should expect to see greater works, and those things that we ask in His name will be done. We will see the moving of the God of miracles in our day!



Key Verses:


  • Judges 6:1. “The Lord gave them into the hands of Midian seven years.”
  • Judges 6:12–14. “Go and deliver Israel from the hand of Midian.”
  • John 17:1421. “I also have sent them into the world.”
  • John 14:1215. “Whatever you ask in My name, that will I do.”
  • John 20:1921. “As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.”





  • “I don’t think it’s a problem that we get discouraged. I don’t think it’s a problem that sometimes we feel overwhelmed. It’s what we do with it.”
  • “We have a requirement in God to cry out to Him: ‘Where are the miracles? Where is the power of God in our generation?’ I believe we are supposed to have those things.”
  • “We can see the moving of the God of miracles in our day, but we must know that we are sent, move in the strength of our meeting with Him, ask in His name, and believe that we will see the greater works that He has promised.”





  1. Instead of fretting about why things happen to us and asking where the miracles are, we must be convinced of the Lord’s commission to us.


  1. As the Lord’s ambassadors, we are not to look for someone to do it—we must speak in His name and we must believe to do the greater works.


  1. We will see the miracles of God in this generation as we walk in these things, never forgetting that we must be asking in His name and keeping His commandments.

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