God’s Choosing of Israel Still Stands – Episode 14

Nov 17, 2020

There are some Christians who believe that the church (Christian believers) replaces Israel as the object of God’s promises from the Old Testament. Gary shares what God says about His promises to Israel and supports the idea from Scripture that God’s promises to Israel still stand.

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Show Notes:

Sometimes Christians teach that believers in Jesus Christ replace Israel in the current and future fulfillment of God’s Old Testament promises to the Jewish people (also known as supersessionism). Gary reveals from both the Old and New Testament that the promises to Israel remain and these promises are not replaced in New Testament Christianity—but that today’s Christianity is built on the foundation of the Jewish faith established by God’s love.


“The Scriptures state that God will not and cannot reject His people.

And if God cannot and will not break His covenant with them,

then it seems to me that completely takes away the possibility

of any … supersessionism (replacement theology).”


He also shares New Testament teaching that points to God’s relationship with the Jewish people as our elder brothers and sisters. Their relationship with God is used as an example and as a warning for Christians.


“Use their example. Learn by their example …

as Christians we should honor God’s choosing of the Jewish people.

We should support them with all faith and love, prayer and intercession.”



Key Verses:

  • Leviticus 26
    • V11, 12 – God will not reject the Israelites.
    • V16 – If the Israelites choose not to obey God, there will be consequences because God wants to be with his people, but He cannot dwell in the midst of sin.
    • V18, 21, 24, 28 – If they continue to disobey, God will send 7x more consequences.
    • The consequences are designed so that Israel will turn back to God in repentance.
    • God’s goal is a relationship with Israel.
    • V40 – When Israel confesses their sin, God will remember them.
    • V44 – In spite of Israel’s rebellion, God will not reject them.


  • Exodus 32
    • God tested Moses’ leadership.
    • V11 – Moses reminded God that the Israelites were God’s people (not Moses’ people).
    • This was about refining Moses’ leadership, not God’s plan to reject Israel.


  • Hosea 14:4
    • God promises that He will heal Israel’s apostasy.
    • It is God’s doing because of God’s choosing.
    • God does not break His promises.


  • 1 Corinthians 10:1-18
    • V5 – God was not well pleased with Israel because of their sin. This is an example to us (Christians), that we should not crave evil things.
    • V11 – These things (God’s consequences for Israel) happened, in part, for the instruction of Christians.



  • “We see God writing in the Law this truth: that God will not abandon or forsake His people. Nor will He break or destroy His covenant with them.”
  • “God says that He will not fail them, nor will He destroy them, nor will He forget the covenant, nor will He reject them. I would say those are pretty good promises.”
  • “God says He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If He is a God Who is free to break His promises (to Israel), Who is free to reject His chosen, then we stand on nothing. But I know that is not true. We have a God Who does not lie.”




  • Israel lived in Diaspora—separated from their homeland—for centuries
  • Anti-Semitism continues to be a significant problem
  • God will never break His covenant with the Jewish people
  • As Christians, we are grafted into God’s covenant with His people
  • The proof of God’s faithfulness can be seen in Israel

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