Meditate on His Word – Episode 15

Nov 24, 2020

Gary Hargrave shares a timely message about overcoming anxiety through the practice of meditating on God’s Word. He encourages listeners that focusing their minds on truth can change their lives.

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Show Notes:

Anxiety is a challenge for many people, including Christians. Gary Hargrave shares how meditating on God’s Word throughout the day helps him experience God’s shalom (wholeness).


“Meditating on God’s Word is crucial

to growing and maturing in our relationship with God.”


Gary shares one of his favorite passages he meditates on when dealing with anxiety. He walks listeners through the passage verse by verse, applying steps of meditation.


“The shalom of God can protect our hearts and our minds.

There is an ongoing protection as I continue to utter these words and speak these verses.”


He also shares with listeners simple steps to start or deepen their practice of biblical meditation. “It is different than the Eastern type of meditation popular now,” he says. Gary suggests believers write down a scripture that speaks to them, memorize it, then set a reminder several times a day to stop and repeat the memorized verse.


Find the verses that work for you, that impart to you those things you need—

His truth about you and your circumstances.”


Key Verses:

  • Joshua 1:8
    • God directs us to meditate on His Word.
    • He promises prosperity and success to those who do.


  • Philippians 4:4-9
    • V4 – Begin your day with joy.
    • V5 – Be gentle spirited.
    • V6 – Release anxiety with thanksgiving, giving everything to God.
    • V7 – Receive God’s peace—His peace guards our hearts and minds.
    • V8 – God is Truth and His Word is Truth.
    • V9 – Apply what you have learned from God.



  • “It is so important that we know truth. We are surrounded in a world of lies, confusion, opinions—and we are not to have our minds conformed to this age, but to be transformed to the truth of God.”
  • “Meditating on the Word of God brings answers that we need.”
  • “Much of the stress as believers comes through the spiritual warfare we experience as believers.”



  • Be Joyful – rejoice in the Lord
  • Be Gentle – practice the presence of God
  • Be Peaceful – voice your needs to God
  • Be Truthful – live in the Truth of God’s Word
  • Be Thoughtful – let your thoughts be like God’s thoughts

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