The Feast of Trumpets – Episode 04

Sep 12, 2020

The Feast of Trumpets was a holy convocation, a day of celebration and rest, when all of Israel came up to Jerusalem to meet with God in anticipation that He was going to do something. This is now called Rosh Hashanah and it is celebrated as the Jewish New Year’s Day. This appointed time has yet to be fulfilled in Christ, leaving the world to wonder what it will mean when the divine trumpet blows.


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Show Notes:

What God is doing in most of the Fall Feasts is clear. For example, Passover commemorates the blood of the lamb on the doorposts in Egypt that saved the Hebrew people from the death angel.


What God is doing in the Feast of Trumpets is less clear. It is a holy convocation. It is a Sabbath rest. It is a day when trumpets are blown. But why?


The Feast of Trumpets is a day of celebration—the Hebrew word is zikkaron—which means a “memorial” as well as a “remembrance” or “reminder.”


Each year this celebration memorializes God coming to earth on Mount Sinai, where He announced His presence with the blast of a trumpet. We also remember God’s promise that He will once again return to the earth with the sound of a trumpet.


Today we look forward to that trumpet which has not yet sounded, but no one knows the day or the hour. So, our response is to be prepared. The trumpet blast alerts us to the promise of Messiah’s return. May this prophetic cry be always on our lips: “Come, Yeshua. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on this earth as it is in heaven.”


Key Verses:


  • Leviticus 23:24.A holy convocation…a reminder by blowing of trumpets.”
  • Numbers 29:1.It will be a day to you for blowing trumpets.
  • Exodus 19:19.When the sound of the trumpet grew louder and louder, Moses spoke, and God answered him with thunder.”
  • 1 Thessalonians 4:16. “For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God.”
  • Matthew 24:29-42. “And He will send forth His angels with a great trumpet.”
  • Revelation 22:20. “Yes, I come quickly!”




  • “So, when we look at most of the appointed times or the feasts, the fasts, the celebrations that God appointed, it’s very clear what it is that Israel was celebrating. Not so with the feast of trumpets.
  • “That’s what a trumpet blast is for. To get your attention.”
  • “Now to me those are two very distinct things and I think in the feast of trumpets both are taking place. We are to have a memorial and a reminder. A memorial is a celebration of something that took place historically. You build a monument; you memorialize an event in history. A reminder to me is more of something you are looking forward to. I have to remind myself of my to-do list, something I am supposed to do. So, both of these really take place during Trumpets.”




  1. We anticipate the Feast of Trumpets because its fulfillment in Christ has not yet transpired.
  2. The Feast of Trumpets is to get our attention and keep us alert.
  3. Our response is to be always looking out, to be on the alert.
  4. We should cry out, “Come, Lord Jesus!”

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