Who Curses You I Will Curse -Episode 192

Apr 15, 2024

This podcast is a call to prayer in response to a clear attempt by the current US administration to replace the duly elected democratic government of Israel. We need to bind our hearts together and unite our spirits as Christians to pray that the United States of America will not be moved into a place of being cursed by God.

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Show Notes:

Psalm 83 talks about the countries who conspire together to wipe Israel out as a nation. Many believe that this psalm refers to a specific war that must take place in the end-time. Yet there have been many times in history when countries have come against Israel to destroy it. And we can easily apply this psalm to the fact that many nations are aligning themselves against Israel in this current conflict with Hamas. What is very concerning is that the Biden administration is positioning the United States of America to be one of those countries trying to destroy Israel.

On the floor of the US Senate, Chuck Schumer called for new elections in Israel and the ousting of Netanyahu. This attempt to undermine the elected leader of an ally who has the support of the Israeli people underscored the shocking fact that the US government is plotting to overthrow the government of Israel. This comes at a time when there truly is an existential threat against Israel, and the Israeli people need our support more than ever.

The reviling of Israel by Schumer and by others in the US government falls into the category of cursing God’s people and positions the US to be cursed by God. And we know that the prophecies about Israel in the end-time always address how God will call to account every nation that comes against Israel. The fact that the US is involved in coming against Israel right now is a wakeup call for all Americans. We need to pray for Americans to wake up and speak up and be the blessing to Israel that this country was raised up by God to be.

Key Verses:

  • Psalm 83:1–5. “They have said, ‘Come, and let us wipe them out as a nation.’”
  • Psalm 83:13–18. “Let them be humiliated and perish.”
  • Genesis 12:1–3. “The one who curses you I will curse.”


  • “I feel an ominous thing in my spirit about this. And again, the ominous concern is what are we facing as the United States of America as a result of God saying, ‘I’m going to curse the person or the nation that curses you’”?
  • “This is not an issue about the upcoming elections in November. It’s not about Biden and Trump. This is about the coming future of this country and where we stand in the plan of God.”
  • “I believe we’re called to change the darkness of this age into light. And I think we better start flipping the switches and making it happen now.”


  1. Psalm 83 is not necessarily about a future war. There have been many times in history when people have tried to wipe out Israel as a nation. And that is happening now.
  2. It is clear that the US is reviling Israel and undermining its ability to defend itself from being wiped out. According to Genesis 12:3, this is equivalent to cursing Israel and puts us in danger of being cursed by God.
  3. The current US administration is trying to unilaterally impose a government on a democratic country that is our closest ally in the region. It is doing this against the will of the Israeli people and against the will of the majority of Americans who support Israel.


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